How to increase utorrent download speed Optimize Your uTorrent

A tracker is a special kind of software that facilitates the sharing of files from peer to peer. This can lead to particularly fast speeds if the downloaded file has more seeds.Popular trackers include Opentracker and BitTorious. QBitTorrent is another torrenting client that has built-in tracker software.

  • The more seeders there, are the faster the download will be.
  • Once the test is finished, uTorrent will configure itself for best performance.
  • However, you must take note that a tracker does not relay the data between the peers and cannot determine the content or the pieces of the file each peer possesses.

Please click on the “Go” tab from the top main menu and select “Applications” from the list available. Mac OS Trash function could help you to remove the main executable file of uTorrent from the Mac. It is one of the most effective ways to uninstall uTorrent from the Mac. Select the process and then click on on ‘X’ icon on the top menu. First, you make sure that you closed down the uTorrent and terminate all its related processes.

utorrent maximize upload

But if it is download speed that you are looking to improve, a smaller queue will accomplish that. If you reduce the upload rate too much, the TCP acknowledgment packets will be delayed and get lost. Reducing uploads will bring congestion to your application . Notice that uTorrent is asking for kB/s under “Maximum download rate,” not Mbps. There are some bandwidth conversion tools online, likeToolStudioorGbMb, which can help you convert those values.

The Pirate Bay and 1337X are solid picks as well, while Skidrow is another popular option. Whatever your taste or circumstances, you’ll find the right site on our list of the best game torrenting websites of 2023. So, you’ll most likely find all the latest game titles here. It’s search-and-find-based with top torrents for each category. The download speed is similar to Pirate Bay, but RARBG does serve more ads.

However, the optics of the entire thing (installing a cryptocurrency miner that can reduce the performance of users’ computers) were terrible. In 2010, some users were concerned when the uTorrent release included adware known as the Conduit Engine. This installed a toolbar on the users’ browsers and changed their homepages and default search engines. We attempted to install a previous version of uTorrent for Mac, but it provided a buggy experience. Eager to test other parts of the app, we decided to ignore our antivirus’ warnings and very carefully install the newest version of uTorrent.

Using antivirus software:

To do this, open the uTorrent app and navigate to Options. We should warn you that sometimes your antivirus software can flag an older version of a harmless and legitimate software as a potential virus. If you used the sites that we have mentioned above or any other reputable app download site then you can safely ignore that warning message flag.

Is qBittorrent Safer than uTorrent?

This will block crypto-mining scripts that could covertly run in your browser. MacObserver magazine recommends CleanMyMac X because it recognizes viruses that are specific to macOS. This application is notarized by Apple and is, therefore, free from viruses itself. Use ClearVPN— MacPaw’s first effortless VPN for a personalized and secure online experience — to protect your IP address. There have been documented cases of the government confiscating users’ notebooks with illegal materials contained in them. Back in 2016, Anton Vaulin, the creator of the KickAssTorrents website, was arrested after numerous copyright infringement claims.

First, open the official web page uTorrent on your browser. While uTorrent Classic should be your torrent client, you can use uTorrent Web if you don’t want or can’t install software locally. You can join different channels that already have seeders and peers to share files. While downloading, make sure you select custom install and uncheck or decline any offers made in the installer. It is compatible with any PC that runs ARM architecture such as x86, x86 and x86-64.