Equestrian Skills Camp

PARDS is pleased to offer a four day Summer Equestrian Skills Camp from August 27th to August 31th. This  camp is for riders who are looking to improve their skills  and understanding of equine care.

Riders must be able to ride independently and be confident. Proficiency with walking, stopping and steering skills are mandatory.

Riders will get the opportunity to learn hands on the specific skills involved in caring for and associating with horses. This camp will pair each rider with a horse which will be their responsibility for the entire camp. The participants will experience both riding and groundwork with their horse partner as well as learn other skills such as basic health checks and what their findings mean, tack care, grooming, barn care, proper nutrition, behaviour and physiology of a horse and other skills necessary for a well-rounded understanding of horsemanship as a whole. Riders are given one on one guidance by PARDS’ instructors allowing them to better understand horsemanship beyond simply riding in a fun and learning orientated environment.

Camp Cost: $350.00 plus a 2018 Public membership. If rider is already a 2018 member this fee does not apply.

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