Merry Christmas!

Through this holiday season, PARDS Therapeutic Centre recognizes and appreciates all those who come together in support of equine assisted therapies.


Our Riders are the heartbeat of our organization. They are our reason for being and their progress is the single most important thing that happens within our walls and fences.


Our Volunteers are the backbone of PARDS. It is upon the foundation they provide that our organization is able to flourish and grow and our Riders are able to experience transformational change and inspirational success.


The PARDS staff, human and horse, breathes life into everything that occurs on these grounds. The enthusiasm of our Instructors is the essence that brings our programs to life. The support of the Administrative Staff strengthens the impact of our programs by organizing and building on all the small pieces that fit together to make the whole. The Herd gives everything of themselves to support and challenge our Riders to leave behind their perceived limitations and embrace the opportunities available to them.


Our Donors and Sponsors are the lifeblood of every facet of who and what we are. Their investment nourishes our efforts to create positive change in the lives of those living with challenges. Their generosity opens up the realm of possibility for our Riders and encourages them to step outside their comfort zone and be exceptional.


Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy and a safe and healthy 2019!

710009 Range Road 55
County of Grande Prairie, Alberta    T8W 5A7

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