About Us

Here, everyone belongs.

Welcome to PARDS. We use equine therapy to help people feel healthy and whole. We have a wide range of programs that seek to impact lives in many positive ways. It’s not just about riding horses (though, that is an important part of what we do.) We have several programs that bring our clients in close contact with horses but don’t include sitting in a saddle. At PARDS we don’t try to fit our clients into a program. Instead, we adapt the program to the client. All of our equestrians are special, unique individuals and we work carefully to find the best way to make a difference.

We’re Champions for You.

PARDS is a community leader in providing specific therapies for people living with a disability and a champion in the disability community. We believe that individuals with disabilities have the right to independence and self-confidence, and that they should have access to quality supports and services to assist them in achieving those. We also believe that the community as a whole is strengthened by developing and providing services that enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: PARDS Therapeutic Centre is committed to providing high quality Equine Assisted Therapy to Peace Country residents.

Our Vision: To support individuals of all ages and abilities to maximize their growth and potential; physically, cognitively, behaviourally and socially, through equine assisted programs and activities.

How PARDS & Our Programs Benefit You

Health & Well-Being

Our therapeutic programs give clients the chance to increase social interaction, improve self-esteem and build confidence. It also focuses on physical benefits, including improved balance, posture, flexibility, sensory awareness and endurance.

Social & Interpersonal

Our programs are designed to provide clients with a sense of pride and accomplishment. The friendships they build with the horses are an integral part of what we do, a built-in lesson teaching mutual respect, trust and friendship.

Happiness is Key

The PARDS community is a welcoming, inclusive one. Volunteers and clients alike often call it their ‘happy place.’ It’s a place where respect, kindness and friendship come first and we value each and every one of our people.

The Right Horses

All of our horses go through an extensive selection process and therapeutic riding training program. Pleasant, patient dispositions are a must along with soundness and three clear gaits. Our herd includes some highly-skilled show horses that indeed regularly win competitions with their riders.

What Do People Say About PARDS?

  • Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the program.
  • I was raised around horses and so I especially love to see the opportunities given to get experience around these beautiful animals. To see our guys be up close and interacting with such large but gentle giants is incredible. They grow to become more secure in themselves and riding also greatly increases their muscle tone as well as posture and flexibility.
  • The staff at PARDS have always tried to do their best to accommodate times when the riders are allowed to ride. They are very kind and interact with the riders as they would anyone else. We enjoy attending the program and always look forward to it. Thank you to all PARDS staff & volunteers.
  • Our rider has come so far, she has become completely independent and we are so proud of her. We believe this is due to her comfort level with staff and environment. We hope to see her keep progressing.
  • There is a pure joy when PARDS is mentioned around our house. My son is filled with bliss when he gets to come and see the horses.
  • Dear PARDS, Thank you for letting us know the horses. I liked my horse.
  • PARDS is the only place our rider can come where she doesn’t feel broken and wrong.
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience. It shows in her excitement to come to each lesson as well as her confidence in riding. Keep up the good work!
  • I can’t say enough about the great job that PARDS does!
  • Very happy with the lessons she gets. She looks forward to going every week and is showing real progress along with more self confidence.