P’Tit Trot

P’tit Trot is an exciting program for children ages 5 years old and up, who love horses and want to learn more about the equestrian world. The P’tit Trot program is devoted solely to the initiation of equitation and general horsemanship, allowing children to discover the pleasures of English & Western disciplines as well as an introduction to trail riding and developing proper knowledge on how to care for the horse.

The P’tit Trot book is lavishly illustrated throughout and introduces familiar characters for the children to follow and relate to. Each book is divided into 4 chapters – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum with each chapter building on the previous skill set. In addition to the illustrated manual that supports practical teaching, a game book allows the child to reinforce the knowledge gained while having fun. At each level attained (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) the young rider receives a certificate of achievement.

This program offers a fun way to discover the wonderful world of horses. It contributes to acquiring various motor and technical skills and encourages children to be physically active, and gaining confidence & self-esteem as they progress through the program. Additionally, this program falls into the “Fundamentals” stage of the Long Term Equestrian Development model.

Course Cost:
$450.00 for 10 week session.
$45.00 initial cost for booklet/backpack

Clothing Requirements
In order to take part in a lesson, each rider/groomer must wear:

  • An ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet
  • Riding boots or closed-toe shoes with a small, 1-inch heel
  • Long pants
    We recommend dressing warmly and in layers during the colder months. Although the arena is heated, the temperature is kept at 5C. For safety reasons, please do not wear loose or bulky clothing that may catch on equipment. Please ensure clothing is comfortable and well fitted.