Little Pony Motricity Summer Camp

The Little Pony Motricity Camp is set up with fun activities that incorporate fundamental skills in early ages of development while working with assisted learning through our equine partners

Little Pony Motricity activities are proven to develop:

  • Self-confidence and independence
  • Enhanced fine and gross motor ability
  • Improved concentration and attention span
  • Understanding and application of instructions
  • Discovery and development of body, space and time
  • Beginner skills of riding and horse care
  • Respect for others and animals

Little Pony Motricity Summer Camp is offered to children 4 to 6 years of age to a maximum height of 55 inches and 65 lbs. Riders must be able to toilet themselves and be independent from parents/ guardian for camp time of 2 hours. (unless a support aide is required) The program is both a ground work and riding program.

Camp Costs: $180.00 plus a 2018 Therapeutic membership. If rider is already a member this fee does not apply.

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