Little Pony Motricity

Little Pony Motricity is designed for ages 3 to 6. The program is set up with fun activities that incorporate fundamental skills in early ages of development while working with assisted learning through our equine partners. Little Pony Motricity is both a ground work and riding program. Lessons run in 10 week sessions, once per week for 30 minutes each week.

Riders will work in pairs of two and a pony to challenge obstacle courses designed to create self learning and independence through play.

The activities are proven to develop:

* Self-confidence

* Enhanced fine and gross motor ability

* Develop and enhance verbally

* Improved concentration and attention span

* Understanding and application of   instructions

* Discovery and development of body, space and time

* Respect for others and animals

* Enhanced imagination

Positive changes in general are usually seen within 1-2 lessons. Benefits of this program are regardless of learning abilities in children.

During sessions it is not uncommon that a group asks to complete the activity on foot without the pony. Instructors will suggest that they participate with the pony but will not obligate them to. As we are NOT teaching riding lessons in this program we want to enhance the learning for optimal results.

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