Our Facility

A Facility

PARDS’ Therapeutic Riding Centre is a multi-use facility, designed to accommodate people of all ages and abilities, as well as offer a wide spectrum of new programs to meet community needs. Over twice our previous location, this facility is built on 55 acres of treed land outside city limits and adjacent to Evergreen Park. The small, outdated buildings to which we adapted has been replaced by a larger, brighter, modern community-oriented centre with the capacity to host a diverse number of programs and many more participants. The facility opens up PARDS’ ability to positively impact the region, in a big way.

Space to Grow

PARDS’ business model for the facility will triple capacity and generate added revenue, providing a stable financial future for the organization to grow, plan and respond to emerging needs and opportunities. The design of  PARDS centre is state-of-the-art in equine facilities and thus has the potential to draw a number of events, users and spectators. The Therapeutic Riding Centre site permits expansion for both Equine Assisted Therapeutic programs for children and adults with disabilities, Youth Leadership programs for at-risk youth, and public programs. PARDS will be positioned to be the model for other therapeutic riding centres in both program development and the creation of a sustainability framework.

Ability to Expand

Equine Assisted Therapy is PARDS’s main focus. Contributing to the overall well-being of our community is what we strive to accomplish every day – by supporting those individuals who experience challenges in engaging in physical activity, developing social skills and finding a place they feel they truly belong. PARDS’ facility provides the capacity to accommodate uninterrupted programs and services while simultaneously allow for revenue generating events and public programming. The facility makes it possible for us to serve a much larger community, thus eliminating wait lists for riders. Ultimately, expanded programs and partnerships allows us to positively impact an even greater portion of the Peace Area community.

Building a ‘Neigh’bourhood

Our expanded facility creates opportunities for new partnerships not only with local and regional organizations, but also with professionals and others searching for equine facilities. Veterinarians, horse trainers, instructors, clinicians, and horse boarders— can all make use of the  facility. Moreover, PARDS can expand equine training opportunities with current and potential partners, such as Camp Tamarack, Adapted Physical Education students at GPRC, South Peace Horse Club and Grande Prairie Regional College (through such programs as Early Childhood Education, Nursing, Education, and Animal Health Technicians). PARDS can also take a lead role in coordination of equine events and fairs in the region.


Get Involved

A facility of this magnitude is only possible due to the generous sponsors who are helping us put it up. Join the team! Contribute to our Capital Campaign, or one of the many other ways to help support this project.