Volunteer Opportunities

Areas in Need of Volunteers

Lesson Volunteer

Help our riders to achieve their personal best by supporting them in their lesson. Leaders and Sidewalkers are needed at various times throughout the week. Training is provided for all new volunteers at the mandatory Lesson Volunteer Orientation Session. A minimum 10 week commitment is encouraged.

Barn Maintenance

Lend a hand keeping our precious herd happy and healthy. Tack up horses to get them ready for lessons, turn them out at the end of their shift and help us keep the barn and stalls neat and tidy. Training is provided for all new volunteers at the mandatory Horse Handler Volunteer Orientation Session. This opportunity is suitable for both regularly scheduled volunteers as well as drop-in volunteers.

Company Volunteering Program

Do you work for a company that has a “Volunteer Incentive Donation Program”? Many companies offer this to their employees as a way of encouraging community involvement as well as a means of supporting the organizations that are important to their employees. Check with your HR Department to find out if your company supports you to increase the impact of generously volunteering your time.

Facility Maintenance

Get your hands dirty and flex your muscles by helping us with facility and yard maintenance. Mend fences and shelters, shovel snow, move hay bales, weed the garden or shine up our lounge area. Whatever your skill set, we are happy to put you to work! This opportunity is suitable for both regularly scheduled volunteers as well as drop-in volunteers.

Board of Directors

PARDS relies on a Board of Directors to provide strategic direction and governance leadership to the organization. Our goal is to engage a diverse group of people with a variety of skill sets who are committed to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities or challenges through Equine Assisted Therapy. Meetings are open to the public, so we welcome and encourage you to join us to meet the Directors and get a feel for the organization before making a commitment. Director terms are for two years and meetings are held once per month. Call us or check our [calendar] for the next scheduled meeting date.

Fund Development Committee

A committee of the board, reporting to the board, helping the board fulfill its legal and moral obligations to ensure the health and effectiveness of the organization. A commitment to sharing ideas, working collaboratively with staff and other volunteers and developing relationships with funders and prospects are characteristics we seek in committee members. A two year commitment for committee members is encouraged.

Capital Campaign Committee

As PARDS continues in the construction of our New Facility, we invite community members to join the Capital Campaign Committee to help us complete the project. A desire to share PARDS’ story, promote the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy and a willingness to share contacts and meet with prospects are necessary characteristics of a successful committee member. A one year commitment is encouraged.

Program Development Committee

PARDS is committed to ongoing program development to further meet the needs of our community through Equine Assisted Therapy. If you have a background in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, speech therapy, the mental health field or early childhood development and would like to share your skills, you would be a valuable asset on this committee.

Special Event Committees

PARDS hosts at least two major fundraising events and a number of community engagement events each year. If you thrive on planning and organizing, working as part of a team and sharing your ideas, then this is the committee for you! Opportunities include Fund Ride Committee, Dine & Dance Committee or Community Engagement Committee. Commitment times vary between two and nine months, depending on the committee.

Community Fundraisers

If committee work doesn’t get you excited, but you love interacting with people and sharing PARDS’ story, you can sign up as a Community Fundraising Volunteer. These are short term commitments and the role varies from flipping burgers, applying glitter tattoos, manning an information booth or selling community lottery tickets. Sign up for as many opportunities as you like!

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