Volunteers are a crucial part of our PARDS community.

We are lucky to have a great team of willing helpers and we always work to make sure they feel appreciated, important and an integral member of the team.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved at PARDS. We strive to place our volunteers into helping positions that make them happy. It might be helping directly with the clients by side walking, leading or helping them tack up horses. Some of our volunteers love the quiet time they get when working in the barns. Others take pride in their carpentry and fix-it work. You might be a whiz at planning events. We’ll find a place for you.


Register as a Volunteer


Sometimes our volunteers have so much fun they even stick around long after the end of their scheduled shift. PARDS focuses on ensuring everyone in our unique community feels included. Join our family. We’d be happy to have you.

Volunteer Testimonials

  • I have always wanted to volunteer at PARDS and finally have the time to do so. I checked on the PARDS website for more information and signed right up! I like helping people and the atmosphere at PARDS is very welcoming. The instructors are wonderful! And of course I LOVE the horses! Meeting other volunteers has been great, too. PARDS is a fantastic program! I’m so happy to be a part of it.
  • I love being around the horses, riders, staff and other volunteers. Everyone is very warm and welcoming and fun to be around. The staff are great!
  • The best thing about volunteering at PARDS is working with the horses, instructors and fellow volunteers. Everyone is so great here, I always look forward to coming.
  • When I moved back to the area, I was looking for a place to maintain a connection with animals. I didn’t realize I would become so attached to the clientele! The connection that develops with the clients, staff and horses at the facility keep me coming back each week. The Youth Leadership Program is brilliant! I am very pleased to be involved.
  • I heard about PARDS from my Girl Guide Leader. I really enjoy being around horses every week and getting to meet and help people.
  • I love being around the horses, riders, staff and other volunteers. Everyone is very warm and welcoming and fun to be around. The staff are great!
  • I am always busy when I come in to volunteer at PARDS. I love being helpful and being around the horses. I love that the barn is so organized and well put together. I love the folks, too! I LOVE being here after a long day, it makes me happy. This place puts me at ease and makes me feel valued.
  • You guys are really awesome! I look forward to working with you all far into the future!
  • The best things about volunteering at PARDS are the TEAM ENVIRONMENT and the HORSES!!!
  • My favourite thing about volunteering at PARDS is the enthusiasm of the clients and being a part of their improvement.
  • I really like how happy all of the riders are. Great Job!
  • I really love the horses and other animals. Everyone is very friendly and positive. The environment is always happy and fun! I love volunteering here!
  • Where else can you get your horse fix, exercise and give back all at the same time???
  • Years ago, I worked in the group homes and would bring clients to ride at PARDS. Since I was here anyway, I decided to become a volunteer. I really enjoy working with the riders and horses. This is a great atmosphere. Everyone here is super helpful!
  • I continue to volunteer with PARDS because of the positive environment and working with horses. The instructors are a joy to be around. PARDS is amazing!